Monday, May 26, 2008

Things we got for our van, Eternity, on our baby tour:

A new motor for our windshield wipers. For the longest time we thought it was a fuse issue. Nope Jessi's (Awesome) Dad, Chuck, helped us figure this one out. So we made a trip to Napa Auto Parts and got a new motor. Next thing you know, chuck is going to town under the hood of our van. Our wipers now work. Nice.

We also picked up some other items while at Napa. For instance, a temporary rear view mirror for our passenger side door. We have been driving very dangerously without one for several months now using the buddy system of having the passenger give us the go ahead before making any movers that require changing lanes of turning right. The mirror is not the classiest but it totally works.

Check out this air freshener we got at Napa. Our van since the beginning has had a "wet dog" smell that creeps up from time to time. We figured we may as well fix it. This particular scent was picked by Brandon for two reasons. a) It is called eternity, and Brandon has always wanted to know what eternity smells like (I will admit I was curious too). b) Though you can't tell from the photo, the air freshener is gray and black which led Brandon to say that it was the most "metal" air freshener in the store and that we had to have it. As it turns out Eternity is the Calvin Cline fragrance. It also turns out that we have now named the van Eternity.

The last thing we got was this amazing blown out tire. This went down just 10 miles west of Spokane. Luckily we are AAA members. So we only had to wait an hour before someone could get a spare tire on Eternity. Unluckily it was Sunday and no tire shops are open on Sunday. More unlucky was that it was Memorial Day weekend so the tire shops that were all closed we really closed. But after calling around a bit we found out that Walmart could help us out. So five hours and two new tires later (Walmart has a policy of only changing an even amount of tires) we were back on the road.

But over all I think we had a lot of fun on this trip. Jessi's Family was/is super nice in welcoming us into their home. Coeur d'Alene is a very beautiful place. I am glad that we got to visit.

-Ben of AristeiA

This is what Adam and Brandon look like when they wait for AAA.

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AristeiA said...

1. i hate walmart but they saved our asses this time.
2. walmart has a t-shirt that reads, "Today's Forcast: 100% Chance of Video Games" i find this extremely ammusing
3. eternity smells nice, i've grown to love it.