Tuesday, May 13, 2008


this band really trips me out. yesterday i was at jackpot records and saw that Grails have a new record out called 'Take Refuge in Clean Living.' i can't remember the last time i COULD NOT PREVENT MYSELF from taking a record home. i got into this band around the Black Tar Prophecies era because they make me feel like my brain is melting down (in the best way imaginable). i don't intend to give a record review, that's what these people are for. but just go listen to Grails, doesn't matter which record, and just space/trip/vibe out. they have a sort of crazy middle eastern feel/sound but they are based out of Portland, OR. you don't even need drugs to do it. i promise. although they could help.

highly recommended track (ie my personal favorite): 'Belgian Wake-Up Drill' off of BTP: Vol 2 on Aurora Borealis

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jTea said...

Hi, remember me? Great blog. Great music. Janene