Monday, May 5, 2008

Fensepost Review of the last EP

Dear Fense,

We have missed you too. We received your letter (review) and wanted to take the time to reply with a few words of our own. Most of them will verify that we have feelings for you too.

We regret that we haven't made it up to your town to throw down our newest tunes that are sure to destroy your preconceptions of our band (we are trying to tell you that we are better). We will be correcting this problem very soon. A couple times actually. Please feel free to come an celebrate our beautiful noise. Bring that girlfriend you mentioned. Bring your friends.

This summer we will be recording our new songs, so look forward to reviewing some more AristeiA by years end. Perhaps then you will hold some vinyl in your hands? Have I said too much? Probably.

So we will meet again sooner than you might have expecting. Did you mention a year? Way too long. Then, if you must, you may embrace us as old friends and buys us brew.


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I hate's stale