Sunday, July 20, 2008

We got ourselves a nice trailer for tour

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!! on friday ben, jesse and myself drove out to bend to pick up this sweet trailer.

while we bought the trailer, adam was busy finishing up gathering information for the 7" we've been working on with Westfold to send it out for printing.

yes, yes, my friends we have been busy. we are almost ready for tour and couldn't be more thrilled for the trip!


aliagrace said...

Can I stow-away in the back? I can be your roadie?? You would be totally bad-ass if you had some cute girl roadies lugging your equipment around, or would you be sissies if cute girls were lugging your equipment around while you guys laying around?

Ste. Goldie said...

i can't wait for you guys to leave.

Brandon said...

i can't wait to leave AND have cute girls 'lugging our equipment" around. that would be sweet.

aliagrace said...

so does this mean i am hired? we can work out the pay scale ;)