Friday, April 10, 2009

we are so dumb at blogging

basically since the 4th we stayed in phoenix and never went to bed. those bitches party hard, it is unreal. to be fair i better say tempe and not phoenix or else when justin and nikki move to portland i'm gonna get my ass handed to me. seriously though, we stayed there for 3 days and everybody was stoked on it and not assholes about us abducting their living room. we have pictures. i'll add them when i get out of bed...maybe.

we played san diego, 'twas a'ight. now we are in LA. i fucking love it here i will never lie about that. someone buy me a house in hollywood. you can live there too...maybe. we play tonight at Mai's cafe, i think it's a vietnamese restaurant. livin' the life.

we have to go back to work in 6 days, lame.

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Anonymous said...

You might have to go back to work in 6 days but I've heard there are some pretty looking ladies back in Portland...