Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evidence that we play live.

It is crazy in this day in age. It seems like most bands have people perform their performance all the time. Why is it then that AristeiA doesn't have but a hand full of Footage of us playing? I don't know. It is our guess that there is more footage of out there somewhere but that its owner is being very selfish.

One very unselfish person however, is Portland resident and local music lover/comedian Notorious Kelly. He is one of the people who has taken some footage and shared. He is at a ton of shows, and he documents them. He even writes little reviews of them in his Myspace blog thing. You can read about our Kelly's Olympian show that happened on March 6th with We're From Japan!, and Krist Krueger right here (scroll down a bit). I had a lot of fun at this show and glad that there were people to see it. It think about $600 was raised for Oregon Food Bank. Not bad for a Thursday night.


P.S. Texas, we are coming for you. SXSW!

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